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Who I amStacey at goat farm

I’m Stacey and I am passionate about food, education, and the outdoors. I am a teacher by profession and have taught middle and high school science for over ten years. I believe that teaching and learning go hand-in-hand, and I always seek to learn new things in order to broaden my horizons and to deepen my understanding of global issues. I see the world as my classroom, and love hiking, running, backpacking, reading, and, of course, eating and cooking! Born and raised in Ohio (Go Bucks!), I hold my second home of Tucson, Arizona close at heart and currently reside in Boulder, Colorado.





How I Got Here

Stacey_WaipioI remember the mango that changed the way I look at food. I was in a grocery store in my then home of Hawaii, holding a mango grown in Mexico. Suddenly, I found myself filled with feelings of disbelief and confusion. Why would I want to buy this mango when I could walk down the street and buy one from a local farmer (or take a slightly longer walk and pick one myself)? This mango had probably been prematurely plucked from its tree and transported thousands of miles by land and sea to be neatly stacked at the grocery store. The mango I wanted to eat was picked that morning and had only traveled a few miles, meaning that it was not only more juicy and flavorful, but also had a notably smaller ecological footprint and kept my limited income on the island. It seemed like a choice that had only benefits: for me, for the local economy, and for the environment. That mango marked a new food beginning for me, in which I promised myself to really examine the source of my food and the impact my food choices made on the environment and on my physical and emotional well-being.



Years later, I no longer live on an island where tropical fruit and produce are abundant year-round, but I
strive to keep that promise I made to myself. I have since spent many hours learning about food, food systems, and the environment, and believe that forming a connection to our food and its source is vitally important to our well-being and to that of our planet. The purpose of
stop, cook, & listen is to do just that: to help you to connect and to listen in every way possible. In slowing down and thinking about what and how we eat, we form stronger relationships to the food that we cook and, in turn, to the people with whom we share our food and our lives.


Now, I’d be lying if I said that I only ate local produce, never ate meat, and cooked everything from scratch. However, I do attempt to buy locally sourced products when I can and am wholly committed to eating foods in as close to their natural form as possible, including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables (and, in the spirit of full disclosure, ice cream). While I very occasionally eat meat when I can be informed about its source and treatment, I choose not to prepare it at home. In keeping with these ideals, stop, cook, & listen will bring you tasty, wholesome food to fill your stomach, heart, and home.


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Questions or comments? I’d love to hear from you! Connect with me on Facebook and Instagram, or email me directly at stacey{at}stopcookandlisten{dot}com. Thanks for stopping by!